How to make a wordpress blog – Lesson 1 ( Install wordpress )

How to make a wordpress blog – Lesson 1 ( Install wordpress )

In this tutorial series we are going to talk about how to make your own wordpress site or blog. WordPress is a free framework and you can get a free wordpress blog from or you can install wordpress to your own web host. These are some advantages of using a free version of wordpress and buying a premium version. If you are self hosting wordpress to your own web space, you don’t want to buy a premium membership. But if you want to use to host your site, you will have some restrictions. But in this post, i will teach you everything and how to make your site or blog 100% free or spending less amount.

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You will get a free sub domain and hosting ( You will get your own domain and hosting.( You have to buy your own domain and hosting from any web hosting provider you need.

Since you are a beginner, i am going to teach you how to use wordpress free membership and learn basics of wordpress. Then we can move to advanced stuff. Lets get started then.

First of all, You have to go to and register an account. Then go to

In here you can choose to start a blog, website or a portfolio. In this tutorial i am going to make a blog. So ill select blog. After selecting blog, we have to select a theme as the below screenshot shows. It doesn’t matter what is your choice. Because you can change the theme after you make your blog. I will teach you later about that.

After that you have to select a domain you want. Type your keyword inside the box as shown below and wordpress will find you a good sub domain. If you want to use the free sub domain you can select it or you can select a paid domain from the list. But if you chose a paid domain, you have to pay for it. ( First go with free domain to study about wordpress. Then you can buy. )

In our forth and final step, you have to select a plan you need. So , you have to select “FREE” plan for your website. In this step you can get a good idea about the plans and it’s prices from this page.

Wow..congrats!!. You have made your first wordpress blog. So this is the end of this tutorial. With my next tutorial, you can learn how to customize your blog and write your first post. Thank you for reading my post and remember to share this with your friends.

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